Dynamic Presentations and Workshops

Drawing from 40 years of clinical experience.

Dr. Don Reid lectures internationally on the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of bite disorders, facially generated treatment planning and the Health-Centered Volitional practice. He teaches hands-on programs for treating muscle related jaw problems and understanding the role of emotional intelligence in practice success.

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Stress-Related Jaw Disorders

Don helps participants develop the skills and understanding to confidently diagnose and predictably treat the most simple or complex bite problems. Dr. Reid’s passionate style and highly interactive audience approach allows participants the opportunity to explore and discuss numerous treatment options in solving these global problems.

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Turning Everyday Patients into Raving Fans

Learn why patients believe your focus isn’t on them but rather is on holes in your schedules, being productive and your goals! When patients feel that you believe, “It’s not about you, it’s all about them”, you’re well on your way to eliminating second opinions and price shopping.
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Dental Emotional Intelligence/Removing the Dental Mask

This course will explore the behaviors of dentists with both high and low EI. Dentists are experts at overcoming patient’s emotions with logic and missing the singular element that’s keeping their practice from reaching its fullest potential. Without EI, no amount of intelligence or cognitive ability will push you to that level.

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Common Sense Occlusion

Something is happening to patient’s mouths that can destroy their mouths and your success. Signs of destruction caused by muscles are everywhere and ‘often’ precede symptoms. Understanding the cause and effects of that destruction enables you to help patients choose the very best of treatment options.

dr reid speaking at dental seminar

Not only was Dr. Reid’s knowledge of occlusion impressive, but his delivery and non-condescending explanation of occlusion was amazing. Dr. Reid helped me understand occlusion, as well as teaching me ways I could better treat my patients with occlusal trauma.

—Kevin K. Shim, DDS; Gresham, OR

Dr. Reid lives by the prudent philosophy ‘The best dentistry is no dentistry and a good bite!’ He’s a fellow pioneer in preventive and behavioral practice. As a founding father of the newly formed Congress Of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, his enhanced vision gives him expanded information to share with our profession. His warmth and authenticity will disarm you and his enthusiasm is contagious.

—Omer K Reed DDS; Phoenix, AZ

I’ve literally taken courses on comprehensive dentistry from nearly everyone imaginable and for the first time I get it, it makes sense, and it’s easy! Don explains the most misunderstood topic in dentistry in a way that is easy to follow, easy to remember, and easy to implement.

—Zachary Potts, DDS; Port Hueneme, CA